PLAYFUL! Exhibit

July 13-15th 2017

Aire Place Studios, Leeds


As you enter PLAYFUL! Exhibit, you are welcomed with drinks, party poppers and branded confetti, to boot! You make your way around the bustling room; engaging with a variety of multi-sensory, handmade, mixed-media exhibits. The common factor, among a tasteful colour palette and a discerning array of recurring shapes, is that you are involved in the work. Each exhibit is a game for you to navigate. Deciding which shapes are your favourite, do you have rules? Engaging with the artwork is a tactile, fun and joyful experience which aims to facilitate a pressure- free and creative platform that encourages dialogue between varied age groups/social/cultural backgrounds. PLAYFUL! endeavors to promote the benefits of divergent and individual thought by asking everyone to get involved, share ideas and indulge in their own unique perspective. PLAYFUL! is after all, what YOU make of it.


PLAYFUL! debuted its first exhibit in July 2017 at Aire Place Studios in Leeds (UK). Receiving popular acclaim, PLAYFUL! exhibits are popping up all around - perhaps soon, somewhere near you! See our PLAYFUL! Projects section for more details, or see Annabeth Robinson's Experience PLAYFUL! video here.

This family-friendly exhibit featured on Leeds Inspired, Eventbrite, Leeds List, Creative Industry Hub and pooled on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach it's audiences. Also featured on Sensory Leeds; promoting the collaboration between Bobbi Rae and Joel Galvin to produce an interactive art space that is targeted at Sensory's existing online community.

See our promo video by the talented Us & It below. **HINT: Turn up the sound for maximum enjoyment!**

PLAYFUL! gives special thanks to the friends and family, peers, mentors and specialists at Leeds College of Art, that offered their thoughts, skills, their time and facilities; to make PLAYFUL! such a huge success. The exhibit could not be possible, however, without the visitors who came along and participated, as well as Aire Place Studios (Leeds), who kindly provided the space.

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