The PLAYFUL! Manifesto

PLAYFUL! debuted its first interactive art exhibit, suitable for all ages, in July 2017 at Aire Place Studios in Leeds (UK). Receiving popular acclaim, PLAYFUL! exhibits are popping up all around - perhaps soon, somewhere near you! See our PLAYFUL! Projects section for more details.


PLAYFUL! is not a ‘look and see’ experience. You are invited to explore the power of perspective, in a world beyond truth. You are invited to interact, play, and you are the one to decide what it all means. 

Project PLAYFUL! aims to demonstrate a theory of many truths (Potgeiter, 2012). By this notion, the concept of an objective truth is challenged; instead, offering that any assumption can be made “true”, only by looking at it from the right perspective. This thought process may be believed to aid communication processes and therefore be thought to serve a pivotal role in social change. 

PLAYFUL! exhibits facilitate a pressure- free and creative platform; to encourage dialogue between varied age groups/social/cultural backgrounds, with the aim to promote the benefits of divergent and individual thought. This project encourages everyone to get involved, share ideas and indulge in their own unique perspective. PLAYFUL! is after all, what YOU make of it.

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